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The bakery sub cluster consists of Capway, Market Food Group and Rademaker.

The most important 'product' within the product range of Capway is tailor made solutions. This is illustrated by its plant concepts based on the wishes and the bread types of Capway’s customers. Capway supplies new production lines and equipment for your bread products. The company can also adapt an already existing line to changing market conditions. Capway designs, produces and installs production lines for: soft and hard rolls, loaves, puff pastry products, bake-off products and convenience foods. Capway is flexible. Perhaps your line is only suitable for sandwich bread, but your customer also requires rolls. In other words, the customer wants other products than those you currently supply. Capway can adapt your production line.

Rademaker develops and provides solutions for the food processing industry. For over 30 years the company’s expertise manifests itself in high quality automation, engineering, hygiene and performance of its delivered machinery. Rademaker has a wide knowledge about food products and their production technology. Dedicated professionals and state of the art engineering techniques provide you with solutions that live up to your (best) expectations. Driven by worldwide market forces, Rademaker evolved to become a company with an international outlook. Rademaker has sales offices in the United States of America, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Russia and China, and sales representatives all over the world. Production lines and turn-key solutions for all continents represent a great part of the company’s business today. The Rademaker headquarters is located in Culemborg, the Netherlands.

Market Food Group
’t Stoepje Bakery was founded in 1979, and has now grown into a leading national franchise chain. Today, the bakery is a flexible, professional organization. The bakery is a traditional market baker that stands out from the crowd with its wide range of products, high product quality and eye-catching presentation. The company has three well-equipped, modern bakeries and has a wide and unique range of more than 150 products: multi-grain and whole meal loaves, hard and soft buns, bake-off products and specialty breads, such as currant buns, Habsburg buns and luxury loaves. ‘t Stoepje Bakery is deliberately different to other bakers. With its unique products the company offers an enjoyable experience. The customer’s wishes are their main concern.

More information about Capway, Rademaker and Market Food Group as well as their contact details can be found under participants.

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