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    • The Netherlands is a parliamentary democratic constitutional monarchy located in North-West Europe and is one of the founding members of the European Union (EU).
    • While the capital is Amsterdam, the seat of government is The Hague (the judicial capital of the world).
    • The Netherlands has approximately 16,586,415 inhabitants.
    • The average population density is: 489/km2 (only lower than Vatican and Bangladesh)
    • Continuing GDP growth and low inflation despite global recession.
    • Although the country counts for 0.267% of world’s population (133rd in terms of geographic size), it is the world 10th in terms of GDP per capita.
    • Relatively low unemployment in spite of recession (4 % in 2009).
    • Fifth foreign investor worldwide (2008).
    • Sixth-largest recipient of foreign investments worldwide (2008).
    • Exports equaled EUR 430 billion in 2009.
    • Europe’s second exporter (2010)
    • The country has a high ranking on competitiveness, business environment, quality of life and IT.
    • Global business leaders in dredging, FMCG, chip producing equipment, GPS navigation solutions & in the food industry.
    • Gateway to Europe: 14% of all European road transports and 57% of all European distribution centers.
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