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East West Seed International

East West began in 1982 with the goal of blending European style seedsmanship with Asian tropical vegetables. We were convinced that by introducing intensive breeding programs to developing vegetable seed markets we could improve the lives of farmers while building a successful business. Our first commercial success, a hybrid bitter gourd, came after several years of research investment. But our hard work has paid off by significantly raising industry standards for all vegetable seeds.

After introducing the first hybrid vegetable seeds in Asia, we have become a market leader by selling premium quality hybrid and open pollinated seeds for all major tropical vegetable crops. Farmers who use our seeds understand the compelling fact that our premium seeds will earn them premium prices for their improved crops.

Our strategy is based on breeding appropriate varieties by living and working in the markets we serve. From our early work in the Philippines, we have expanded to include breeding programs in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, India and China.

Our reputation as producers of excellent varieties reaches even beyond Asia, to Europe and North America where we provide seeds to Asian vegetable producers demanding authentic and high quality vegetables for Asian cuisines.

Our success has come from a unique blend of strengths. We have one of the best tropical Asian vegetable germplasm collections in the world, which helps our creative group of international breeders develop superior varieties. But we also have a unique approach to market development and assisting farmers.

Through our network of field representatives we understand firsthand the challenges farmers face, and promote innovative, problem-solving cultivation techniques. This hands-on exchange of knowledge promotes the success of both our farmer-customers and our business.

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