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Fancom is a global leader in the development of automation systems for the intensive animal husbandry sector. Our objective is to create the optimum conditions, both in your animal house and for your business management.

We do this by combining climate control, feeding automation, biometrics and data management in such a way that the synergy this creates gives you the optimal benefits. Our automation systems have proven their worth worldwide:

  • The accurate ventilation systems improve animal performance
  • Automatic feeding systems save time and help to keep feed costs under control
  • The animal-based measurements from our biometric systems register growth and behaviour

Hooked up to a central management system, these systems generate a lot of useful information about the environment the animals are raised in, their feed and water intake and how they respond to this in terms of growth and health. Information that is easily analysed and compared and gives insight into animal performance, farm processes and economic consequences.

The nature of our product is technical; the nature of our service provision is personal. With 35 years of experience, no one knows the business like Fancom. Fancom is the partner who helps you look forward and lead the way. Whatever your ambition is, Fancom will help you achieve it. And what if different requirements are set in the future? Then we will identify them in time, together with you, and react to them. We call this ' Forward thinking'. This is a commitment we can make because we are the leaders in our industry.

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