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Hypor is one of the world's largest suppliers of high quality swine genetics. With a clear strategy and organization Hypor accommodates customers in the main pork producing countries worldwide with genetic solutions supporting profitable pork production. Solutions, defined as genetics to produce pork at least cost that meet local market pork production and meat quality requirements.

Central coordination
To ensure maximum genetic progress Hypor invests centrally in Research & Development, Breeding Technology and Product Development. In strategically located high health nucleus herds around the world, dam and sire lines are produced with superior swine genetics in large populations. The Hypor product portfolio is tested under all conditions around the globe and fit with the global market needs.

Local presence
Hypor sales and support professionals are attuned to the local markets. They listen and speak to customers. Together they define, evaluate and fine-tune production performances to perfectly match local market requirements. With a presence in more than 20 countries Hypor operates worldwide, but is always close.

Balanced Breeding
The strategic product portfolio is well-balanced and attuned to the main pork producing countries. Sense and simplicity are the key words, ensuring maximum genetic progress with only two maternal and four terminal sire lines. The Hypor breeding program is based on one of the widest gene pools in the world. With the use of BLUP technology and Genome Wide Selection the genetic improvement is continuous and accelerating.

Quantitative genetics
Breeding data from Hypor pigs in over 20 countries are gathered and stored in the Hypor Breeding Database. In a central location they are analyzed by a team of professionals using advanced quantitative genetic techniques to estimate breeding values. Through transfer of genetic material around the globe producers benefit from this superior science in which knowledge and experience are combined with the latest technologies.

A Hendrix Genetics Company
Hypor is proud to be A Hendrix Genetics Company, a company dedicated to enhancing livestock breeding technology through careful genetic selection of the breeding stock used for poultry, layer and pig production, products meeting the market needs. Through its enhanced technology Hendrix Genetics helps to feed the world and to reduce the carbon footprint of animal production.

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