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IBK Groep

IBK Groep BV is the specialist in the area of air conditioning and refrigeration and the only independent supplier in the TOP 4 of the Netherlands. IBK Groep BV company has approximately 95 skilled employees divided over three locations: Houten (head office), Apeldoorn (branch office) and Amsterdam Airport (Service & Maintenance).Our organisation is market-oriented. In aim to react rapidly, energetic and in a flexible way, we operate with 5 Divisions being:

1. IBK Airconditioning , a strong division and representing Climaveneta products. Climaveneta is the largest European manufacturer of air conditioning equipment for buildings like

    • Wide range of chillers, air-and water cooled
    • Split air conditioning systems
    • Heat pumps
    • Close control equipment for data centres

2. Toscanair, a new and innovative group within IBK emphasizing on plants for improvement of air quality like cleaning, enrichment of O2 content. These plants reduce the need of fresh air and more recirculation can be applied, so is energy saving. These plants are mainly used in hospitals. Toscanair is also representing Klimatec air handling units.
3. IBK Service and Maintenance , a group of service technicians for maintaining and servicing plants made by IBK and/or other contractors. To solve plant faults technicians are available 24 hours/day and 7 days/week to ensure reliability and continuation of clients operations
4. COMREV- ( COMpressor REVisons), a department occupied with the revision of compressors, being the heart of all air conditioning and refrigeration plants. This department handles screw-, scroll-, piston- and turbo compressors of various makes, like, STAL, SABROE, GRASSO, HOWDEN, MYCOM, BITZER, CLIMAVENETA etc.
5. IBK Koudetechniek ( IBK Refrigeration), occupied with the design, engineering and realisation of high level, industrial refrigeration plants. These plants are realised in the following industries: dairy, meat processing, slaughterhouses, breweries, cold stores, (Petro-)chemical industry and sports complexes like artificial ice rinks.

IBK Airconditioning offers a wide scale of possibilities in the field of airconditioning equipment for commodity cooling and air treatment in the rooms with critical conditions. We represent in the Dutch market, on exclusive basis, three manufacturers of equipment for larger and smaller airconditioning systems, being: Climaveneta, Klimatec and Thermax. IBK Koudetechniek (IBK Refrigeration) provides Industrial refrigerating systems for food en non-food applications. From implementation / feasibilities studies, through design and projects realisation (turn-key or in cooperation with partners) up to maintenance during the life cycle of the installations.

Experience of our employees considers applications in the most divergent branches, such as the food industry, breweries, chemical and petrochemical industry, cold stores, skating rinks etc. By providing tailor-made solutions for all these industries we have a wide experience in contracting and are familiar with the different requirements and legislation in relation to the wide diversity of refrigeration installations. Due to this quality IBK Groep BV is able to assist customers in all aspects of projects and/or equipment considering industrial and commercial refrigeration as well as airconditioning. The industrial department at the branch office in Apeldoorn has expanded in 2006 with the complete crew of very experienced employees from the former Stal Refrigeration company in Holland.

Through above mentioned office, a large number of brewery projects ( mainly for Heineken) are made all over the world.
We as IBK Groep BV, has already realised several Brewery-projects (Heineken) such as:

  • Bralima Sarl at Kinshasa Congo: Modification and extension of the NH3 cooling plant, and start-up of the complete revised plant.
  • GGBL at Achimota Accra Ghana: Extension of the NH3 cooling incl. installation and start up.
  • Nigerian Breweries at ABA: An upgrading/extension of the cooling plant. This project comprises: 4 new screw compressors, new evaporator with Plate heat exchangers,
  • Nigerian Breweries at Lagos: An upgrading/extension of the cooling plant with separate brew water cooling plant.
  • Nigerian Breweries at Ibadan: An upgrading/extension of the Chilled Water plant for efficiency improvement
  • Consolidated Breweries at Omamma, Nigeria: An upgrading/extension of the cooling plant.

Other projects are:

  • Ice rink at Enschede NL, 400 mtrs. speed skating with NH3 as refrigerant and CO2 as evaporating brine
  • Lagemaat Cold store Nijkerk NL, two plants in prefab machine rooms with frequency driven screw compressors
  • Grolleman Cold stores Apeldoorn NL, NH3/CO2 cooling/freezing plant inlcuding plate freezers
  • Slaughterhouses (Cows, Pigs, Poultry)
  • Purac world wide process chillers.
  • DOW chemical, process cooling
  • Cargil process chillers
  • Cirmac Biogas cooling
  • Shell process cooling
  • Esso process cooling
  • Exxon Mobile HVAC ATEX installation
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