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Kiremko is a leading Dutch company dedicated to the design, manufacture and installation of industrial potato processing equipment for more than 45 years. Whereas the Netherlands as a leading potato growing and processing country is still one of our main markets, nowadays, over 85% of our products and services is exported worldwide. Kirmeko's field of expertise is essentially concentrated on the following items:

  • Complete process lines and plants for fresh, chilled and frozen French fries.
  • Complete process lines for (pre-fried) formed potato specialties (hash brown style and mash-based).
  • Complete process lines and plants for natural potato chips.
  • Complete process lines and plants for dehydrated potato products (flour, flakes and granules).
  • Potato mash processing lines (fresh, pasteurized or frozen).
  • Batch type and continuous frying lines for savoury snack foods (tortilla, chips, pellet, snacks, nuts, regional specialty snacks).
  • Complete process lines for fresh and precooked potato products as convenience foods.
  • Steam peeling lines for root type vegetables (potato, carrot, red beet, sweet potato, cassava).
  • Process automation and controls.
  • 24 hours after-sales service and spare parts.
  • Individual process equipment for washing, de-stoning, water cleaning, peeling, cutting, electronic sorting, cooking, drying, frying, forming, pasteurizing, cooling and freezing, as peel as product handling.

Kiremko has a modern and well-equipped facility with over 5.000 square meters manufacturing plant and offices. The company employs over 100 people of which the vast majority are highly skilled specialists in design, manufacture and implementation of food processing lines, a number of food technologists and a team dedicated to innovation projects and research & development.

Our mission is to develop and realize projects working with a practice-proven, project-oriented methodology on the highest quality standard, in compliance with specific product requirements, hygiene and safety regulations and according to the individual customer and market demands. Our policy is to serve our customers with an adequate, innovative and dedicated approach to their projects. Therefore, our projects are always engineered and manufactured to order.

Kiremko is well-known and respected in the world of potato processing. In fact, Kiremko is active in all major potato growing areas in all 5 continents, which have an existing or potential processing industry. Our customers are local, family owned fresh cut operations, regional medium-sized processors, new investors and of course multinational corporations such as McCain Foods, Simplot Food Group, Farm Frites, Pinguin-Lutosa, Nestlé, Virto and many more. In Asia, Kiremko is active since the middle of the 90s, establishing itself with dedicated offices in New Delhi and Beijing. Kiremko has realized a significant number of turn-key projects in China, India and Japan.

For many years Kiremko has encouraged manufacturers of other specialist machinery and process technology to join forces with us to be able to offer the best and latest developments available in the market. Kiremko is strategically associated with the following prestigious companies:

  • Allgaier (Germany), dehydration and granulation technology
  • Ferlo (Spain), autoclaves and continuous pasteurizers
  • Idaho Steel (USA), design and manufacturing partners in North America.
  • ReyCo Systems (USA), water and fat removal systems.
  • TNA (Australia), high speed vertical packaging solutions.
  • Tolsma (Netherlands), potato storage technology
  • Urtasun (Spain), vegetable processing lines.

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