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Koppert Biological Systems B.V.

Koppert is the international market leader in the field of biological crop protection and natural pollination. Koppert has a reputation internationally for reliability, innovation and quality.

Koppert's principal place of business is located in the Netherlands and is active since 1967. Koppert also has several subsidiaries for sales and/or production. An ongoing process of research and the production of beneficials and pollinators contribute to the development of sustainable agriculture and horticulture worldwide. Koppert has a results-driven research and development department, and worldwide network of contacts. Large-scale production of natural enemies and pollinators takes place in modern production facilities.

Biological crop protection

Biological crop protection uses beneficial organisms and natural pesticides against various pests and diseases. By using the natural enemies, crops can be protected in a natural and sustainable way. This has a number of benefits: biological crop protection is safer for the grower, his employees, the environment and the consumers. The crops stay healthy and the growth isn’t inhibited, nor can the crop get immune for this kind of protection, as is often the case with chemical pesticides. Biological crop protection and pollination are an excellent way of sustainable entrepreneurship.

Koppert is committed to biological crop protection. Not only does Koppert sell and produce beneficials, education is one of it’s particular priorities as well. The products should be used at the right time and place, and in the correct dose to be successful. By providing the growers with knowledge and guidance on the use of biological pesticides, the crops can be optimally protected.

Koppert’s mission

Koppert's mission is “to be the most preferred partner in developing and marketing pollination systems and integrated pest management for protected and high-value crops, by being a reliable provider of innovative, effective and top-quality solutions".

'Quality' means that biological systems do what is important: protect the crop without unnecessary problems and minimal chemical corrections. With reliable biological systems Koppert provides growers with a convenient solution for their crop protection issues. Top-quality products are an indispensable tool to achieve this, backed up with advice of experienced specialists.

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