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Market Food Group

’t Stoepje Bakery was founded in 1979, and has now grown into a leading national franchise chain. Today, ‘t Stoepje Bakery is a flexible, professional organization. Its head offices and three professional bakeries are located in Spakenburg in the province of Utrecht, and have a major focus on product development and innovation. We have an emphatic presence on over 900 street markets in the Netherlands and Belgium. Our market concept is an eye-catcher, with our red and yellow market stall, bread buses and carts. Over 140 franchise-holders, 650 sales staff and more than 200 bakery workers all contribute to our success. They are supported by a professional and a successful, carefully thought out franchise concept. Our franchise-holders are committed entrepreneurs, who are quick to see opportunities and make the most of them too.

‘t Stoepje Bakery is a traditional market baker that stand out from the crowd with its wide range of products, high product quality and eye-catching presentation. In Spakenburg it has three well-equipped, modern bakeries. Every day, teams of highly motivated bakers start their work in the early hours of the morning, preparing bread, cakes and pastries to be delivered as fresh as possible. ‘t Stoepje bakery is HACCP and GMP certified, which guarantees that we work under hygienic conditions and our products have a constant high quality. The quality of our ingredients – all from carefully selected suppliers – plays an important role in this. The origin of all our ingredients is traceable, and detailed ingredient information can be found on our website.

‘t Stoepje Bakery proves every day that is has a ‘golden’ formula for success. The combination of independent entrepreneurs with the firm basis of a well-oiled organizations means that franchise holders feel at home with us. This is strengthened still further by a feeling of freedom. Our franchise holders work at a different location almost every day, and come into contact with a wide range of people: markets supervisors, local officials, other stall-holders, and of course customers too. Franchise holders know that the quality and supply of their products is guaranteed, and that our familiar image, centrally directed advertising campaigns and wealth of promotional material all contribute to their success.

‘t Stoepje Bakery has a wide and unique range of more than 150 products: multi-grain and whole meal loaves, hard and soft buns, bake-off products and specialty breads, such as currant buns, Habsburg buns and luxury loaves. ‘t Stoepje Bakery is deliberately different to other bakers. With our unique products we offer an enjoyable experience. The customer’s wishes are our main concern, and we reflect that every day. That is why we regularly introduce new products, tailored to the seasons or special days like Christmas and Eastern. And we are particularly proud of our regional products. ‘t Stoepje Bakery stands for quality and character in everything we do.

‘t Stoepje Bakery is ready for the future in every way. But our ambitions extend even further. In 2010 we will be launching a complete line of organic products under the name ‘Le Perron Boulangerie’, with the slogan ‘Organic: Naturally Affordable’.

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