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Miedema offers farmers for over 70 years a full range of agricultural equipment for the potato harvest. We are specialists in transportation systems for agricultural products with a focus on transport from the field, potato grading systems and electronic grading systems, cleaning equipment, bulk or box storage systems to lorry filling systems and potato planters. Miedema will have the right machine to process your products, with the capacity that matches your farm. Miedema uses state of the art technology in all their machines.

Miedema is predicting a worldwide shift of the potato production due to climate changes, increase in scale, the rise of ‘new economies’, and the increased recognition of the potato as a major source for starch.Sustainability and cost of ownership will become progressively more important topics over the next years, making innovation a necessity.

Miedema wants to be a leading world force in potato mechanisation in agriculture.
By developing machines characterized by low cost of ownership, long life and ease of use, Miedema makes the difference to the professional user.

Miedema wants to achieve and maintain a worldwide market position by continuously expanding its importer and dealer networks in new and existing areas.
Miedema is able to achieve its objectives by applying the latest modern production methods in all sections of the company, resulting in satisfied customers, employees and shareholders.

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