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MPS meat processing systems

MPS is the global market leader in the development, production and installation of high-tech slaughtering systems, CO2 stunning systems and systems for blood collection. MPS also designs and installs systems for the portioning, deboning and logistic processing of meat and food, as well as industrial waste water treatment systems. MPS is a full-line supplier. This means that our own in-house employees are responsible for designing, engineering, manufacturing and installing our systems. With more than 3.200 projects in 92 countries, MPS truly does have worldwide experience. All our projects are supported by an extensive MPS 24/7service network. Our innovation programme focuses on operational cost reduction for our customers, food safety and animal welfare. MPS consists of the following 5 product groups. While specialists work on the individual projects in each group, the synergy of being a full-line supplier is never lost.

MPS Red Meat Slaughtering
MPS Red Meat Slaughtering is the world’s leading specialist in facilitating the first stage of the meat preparation process: the slaughtering process. We work closely with our customers to develop, install and commission slaughter lines for pigs, cattle and calves, and sheep.

Pigs: full-line solutions for 40 – 1.600 pigs an hour
Cattle: full-line solutions for 10 - 150 cattle an hour
Sheep: full-line solutions for 100 – 1.000 sheep an hour
Automated slaughtering solutions: kill floor automated solutions for 200 – 1.300 pigs an hour.

Butina designs, manufactures and installs advanced CO2 (carbon dioxide) stunning systems for the anaesthesia of pigs, sheep and goats. Handling and stunning of animals is a very specialised niche requiring in-depth understanding of the nature of CO2-stunning of animals, combined with a very good understanding of customers' need and production processes. Having been in this market for more than 35 years, Butina is the world market leader within CO2-stunning systems. Butina has installed more than 800 systems all over the world. More than 90% of all pigs stunned by CO2 are stunned in a Butina system. The close relationship with leading suppliers and research institutes has further strengthened our dominant market position. Butina has a wide range of products, including CO2-group stunning systems for capacities less than 100 pigs/hour, full range systems for up to 950 pigs/hour, driveway systems, service products and customised solutions.

Anitec is the world’s leading supplier of blood collection- and processing equipment. Anitec helps the industry to hoist its profitability by improving the efficiency and increasing the utilization of blood from slaughtered animals. From every animal, Anitec can hygienically collect about 85% of its blood that can be used in food products, for example blood sausage. By separating the blood into plasma and haemoglobin the value of the blood can be increased much further.

MPS Meat Logistics
MPS Meat Logistics is specialized in the design, production and installation of integrated materials handling and logistics systems for the food industry. MPS offers turnkey and integrated system solutions for conveying, material handling, order picking and automatic storage and retrieval. Equipment is made up of modular stainless steel components, based on the hygiene requirements of the food industry. In-house engineered intelligent control systems support MPS’ philosophy to maximise system performance and system availability and help to reduce your operational costs.

AQUA Industrial Watertreatment
AQUA Industrial Watertreatment is specialist in the supply of systems for treatment of industrial wastewater and subsequently water - sludge separation & de-watering of sludge. The expertise of AQUA is primarily focused on the food processing industry. An extensive and advanced knowledge of production processes has been acquired over the years and as a result, a multitude of AQUA waste water treatment systems have been sold worldwide in the red meat, poultry, fish and dairy industry. Also outside these industries numerous systems have been supplied. Projects vary from consultancy to full turn key solutions and from sub trajectories to integral end-ofpipe solutions. Solutions may involve flotation units, anaerobic or aerobic biological treatment systems as well as sludge de-watering or digestion units. AQUA Industrial Watertreatment provides added value across the board – from advice, engineering and production through to complete installation and implementation, including full training of operators.

MPS Service & Spares
The product group MPS Service & Spares offers its clients fully fledged technical support. Following the developments on the market and the individual requirements of the customers, MPS Service & Spares completes the supply package of the product groups. With this service MPS Service & Spares guarantees continuous access 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. The basic service of MPS Service & Spares consists of advising through the help desk, supplying of original MPS spare parts and the dispatch of service engineers. MPS Service & Spares keeps close contacts with its customers. Each customer will be visited our inspectors at least once a year. This inspector inspects the whole installation of the customer. Hereafter he reports the status of the installation to the Technical Service of the customer. This report can be an advice about the maintenance and sometimes an offer for spare parts.

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