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Partner Logistics

The core business of Partner Logistics is to provide high quality warehousing services to its clients, by means of operating highly automated warehouses.

Partner Logistics develops, operates and finances its warehouses. As a result, a lot of advantages for its customers are realized among others:

  • By implementing advanced, but proven technology, Partner Logistics realizes efficiency and quality gains, resulting in cost advantages and service level improvements for its customers.
  • As Partner Logistics' experts operate the warehouse, its customers no longer have an operational warehousing risk and can focus on their core business.
  • By financing and owning the warehouses that Partner Logistics develops and operates, an off-balance position for the customers of the warehouse is created, enabling them to focus their resources on their core business.

Partner Logistics engages in long-term partnerships with its customers. One of the reasons is that significant investments are needed for the development of automated warehouses. Long-term contracts are needed to make the investment feasible. Moreover, long-term partnerships create opportunities to jointly work on improvement programs, optimizing the performance of the warehouse as part of the customers' supply chain.

Founded in 2000 in the Netherlands, Partner Logistics has grown to a company with more than 400 employees, of which approximately 57 working on the development of new projects. In 2009, Partner Logistics generated a turnover of almost EUR 50 million.

Currently, the majority of the operations of Partner Logistics in Europe are conditioned warehouses linked to the frozen food sector.

In the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Russia, a total of 14 sites a re operational. An additional 4 warehouses are under construction in among others France, while there are concrete plans for the development of additional warehouses in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, USA and India.

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