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Rademaker develops and provides solutions for the food processing industry. For over 30 years the company’s expertise manifests itself in high quality automation, engineering, hygiene and performance of its delivered machinery. Rademaker has a wide knowledge about food products and their production technology. Dedicated professionals and state of the art engineering techniques provide you with solutions that live up to your (best) expectations. Driven by worldwide market forces, Rademaker evolved to become a company with an international outlook.

Rademaker has sales offices in the United States of America, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Russia and China, and sales representatives all over the world. Production lines and turn-key solutions for all continents represent a great part of the company’s business today. The Rademaker headquarters is located in Culemborg, the Netherlands.

Rademaker’s products are:

  • Laminators
  • Make up lines
  • Croissant lines
  • Bread lines
  • Pie lines
  • Cake lines
  • Pizza base and topping lines
  • Flat bread / tortilla lines
  • Depositors
  • Specials, for example dumpling lines

In the Rademaker Technology Centre (RTC) in Culemborg, the Netherlands, you will find a fully equipped bakery with separate, air-conditioned, rooms for dough mixing, dough make up and baking. The test bakery features, a full scale pilot line-up for any bakery product, ranging from puff and Danish pastries, croissants to different kinds of bread, cakes, crackers, pies and pizza’s. The conditions in the test bakery are perfect for good test results. Here we can show you all the solutions for your specific food products.

Our RTC with its highly skilled and experienced staff is not only at your service for equipment demonstrations but also for product development. We encourage our customers to involve us in an early stage of new product development. Our test bakers and food technologist can support you in developing the right recipe that will not only result in a product with the quality you desire but also in the most economic production solutions.

Knowledge transfer is very important for continuous performance improvements. Rademaker offers training for operators and technicians (technical and technological related) to improve their knowledge and skills. So your staff members can be trained here to work with the equipment by highly skilled and qualified trainers. The training can be customized to your equipment, and can be given in our Technology Centre in Culemborg or on-site at your factory.

Rademaker would be most pleased to provide you with all the needed information.
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