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With our objective of improving the competitive position of our clients, the RBK Group designs and builds companies and automates production and operating processes. In order to achieve this, the RBK Group has a range of competitive food chain concepts. The RBK Group has been active in the food sector since its foundation in 1979. Its mission from the start was to view all projects from all angles. That is how the Group can reach optimal results in product quality, efficiency and the use of energy.

Masterplanning & Logistics
You have the idea: you want to take a new direction with your company. We translate your wishes into a feasible plan. This master plan will be the starting point for a design aimed at efficiency and speed. This master plan will also include the framework for your information engineering. By making the logistics flow as smoothly as possible in your supply chain, we reach our target: to produce your end product as cheaply as possible.

It is possible to create a successful alliance between trade, logistics and technical departments. The RBK Group aims its activities at developing technical and information systems for your company’s procedures, such as technical equipment, production lines, transport systems and storage systems. Your information request is always approached as: the automation needs to make the company better, not worse. The RBK Group has information solutions for every level of your company, be that ERP, MES or SCADA. What is of the utmost importance in this particular area, is the knowledge of the food sector.

Building & Infrastructure
It is essential for a good flow within your company, to have a good building. The architects of the RBK Group will design for you a representative, innovative and functional building. A project team of specialists will deal with your mechanical engineering, electro-technical and refrigerating issues. This will create a building, which is in line with the infrastructure and focused on the flexibility and efficiency of your production process, without losing sight of the cost. In order to execute customer care and monitoring you can acquire the FOPRO® total management system, giving you an easy to use and accessible system that looks after the functioning of building and equipment.

A lower environmental tax, we owe it to each other. Does that go against your economic and social wishes? The RBK Group has its own opinion: good solutions serve all objectives. If you know exactly how to apply rules and regulations, then can you save yourself a serious amount of money. Let the specialists of the RBK Group assist you. They know the rules and regulations and they can also help you with the necessary environmental licenses. The RBK Group pays a lot of attention to lasting products and that is why we have been advising and educating about environmental issues. The RBK specialists investigate and restore in the areas of energy, sewage, smell, noise and residual waste.

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