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Tolsma develops and manufactures innovative storage technology that improves the storage efficiency of potatoes, onions, carrots and other root vegetables.

Worldwide growers, traders and processors choose for Tolsma technology and equipment because of the innovative features, user-friendliness and reliability. Tolsma provides total solutions and components for the storage of potatoes, carrots and other root vegetables on bulk or in boxes for the highest storage efficiency. Besides bulk storage, Tolsma is specialised in box storage with forced ventilation (drying or suction wall) and space ventilations systems.

Many years of experience in Europe and all other continents of the world make that Tolsma's specialists have in depth knowledge about (re)-designing storages. For that reason it is important to involve our specialists in an early stage when designing or renovating storages.

Tolsma's products are developed and manufactured in-house in Emmeloord, the Netherlands. Also the installation, service and maintenance are carried out by and under responsibility of Tolsma. By doing this Tolsma can react quickly on new developments and changing market needs. Through its leading role in storage technology, Tolsma has become a reliable and innovative partner for agricultural growers and processors.

Our storage specialists guarantee an optimal service. Transferring practical experience and knowledge to the users of Tolsma, equipment will increase the clients' storage efficiency by reducing waste produce, reducing weight losses and reducing the overall quality decrease.

By its worldwide co-operation with research institutes and other companies, Tolsma intends to gain more know-how to even further optimise storage technology. Tolsma's rich history in storage technology provides a good basis for this, but the challenge will be to continue to be the valuable partner that Tolsma always has been.

Rest assured. You can count on Tolsma!

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