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VEK Adviesgroep

VEK Adviesgroep is specialized in the development of greenhouse projects (from low-tech polyhouses to state-of-the-art high-tech glasshouses). We operate impartial of constructors and trading companies.

Greenhouses based on modern Dutch horticultural technologies are not just a cover for protected crops. These are specialized buildings, optimized for maximum and high quality yields for each specific crop. Everything starts with the first question: which crops will be cultivated. All the other following choices shall be determined for the chosen crops. Even specific varieties of crops and the intended harvest seasons, determine the design of the glasshouses and its installations. The greenhouse experts of VEK are able to oversee the consequences of all these choices.

Our philosophy is to design an effective greenhouse including all its installations for producing flowers, plants or vegetables in a cost-efficient way and according to the requirements of the client and the requirements of the envisaged location.

Based in the Netherlands, VEK has offered its services for over 40 years to both the international and domestic clients. VEK’s clients are private growers, wholesalers and retail chains, supply industries, commercial banks, investors and governments.

VEK carried out projects all over the world. The provided services of VEK are:
- Quick scan / assessment of possibilities;
- Preliminary design with feasibility study;
- Bankable business plan;
- Financial assessments;
- Sustainable energy management;
- Spatial planning / horticultural area development;
- Design, engineering, procurement & tendering of horticultural production facilities based on greenhouse structures including installations for heating, climate, irrigation, nutrition and logistics;
- Turnkey projects worldwide.

For more information, please visit our website On your request, we would be pleased to give you more detailed information or discuss the possibilities for your greenhouse project.

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