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NL Agency (NL EVD Internationaal)

NL Agency (NL EVD Internationaal) is a department of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs that implements government policy for sustainability, innovation, and international business and cooperation. It is the contact point for businesses, educational institutions and government bodies for information and advice, financing, networking and regulatory matters.

NL EVD International, part of NL Agency, is a partner to businesses and public-sector organisations. We aim to help Dutch entrepreneurs to achieve success in their international operations. A growing network of organisations, government institutions and companies have come to rely on us for information about foreign markets, governments and trade and industry. With our wide-ranging knowledge, we are able to develop products and services that meet the needs of our customers and clients. NL EVD International obtains its information from its network of Dutch and international organisations, which include international financing organisations, the European Commission, embassies, Chambers of Commerce, local business support offices, trade representative associations and, needless to say, trade and industry.

Our enhanced position in the world of international business and cooperation brings NL EVD International into contact with four different target groups:

  • Dutch businesses (those that operate internationally or have the potential to do so)
    We combine tailor-made information, personal guidance and financial support to improve Dutch companies' prospects in foreign markets.
  • Foreign businesses in emerging markets and developing countries
    We administer programmes focusing specifically on cooperation with companies in emerging markets and developing countries.
  • Public-sector organisations in emerging markets
    We administer programmes aimed at assisting the public sector in emerging markets, for example with respect to corporate governance, legislation and enforcement.
  • The Dutch government
    We administer programmes intended to encourage government-to-government and business-to-government cooperation and collaboration in the field of education.

More information can be found on the website of NL Agency.

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